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What We Offer

We develop relations, build communities, and launch new identities.


Our centrepiece and the business model with which our journey began. 2017, the idea of a Weekly Tech-Meet up in Vienna was born and from then on everything developed rapidly. 2019 the team organized its first international conference – the with over 2000 participants and more than 50 countries.

At the end of 2019, we initiated our second conference series,

In 2020 the digital edition of ANON Summit took place with over 8000 registrations from over 120 countries. Our vision to unite like-minded people has been our greatest motivation from the very beginning. Over the years we got to know the event industry from different angles and are now eager to share this knowledge.

Become a part of our event series or let our team accompany you to organize your successful event. Whether it is physical or online, we have the right know-how to put your idea into action.

We take care of the following tasks for you:

  • Concept, organisation & realisation of events and conferences
  • Budget preparation and coordination of contracts
  • Control of external providers such as catering or audio and video technology and online software providers
  • Writing invitations and developing registration websites
  • Participant and feedback management
Business Development

Successful business development is the result of being able to analyse the future and react strategically to new conditions in rapidly changing economic markets.

As our team has been focused on Blockchain Industry since the birth of the company, the vision was already very future driven. Over the years, our team and especially our Head of Business Development and creative mind Daniel Lenikus, has established valuable contacts with top decision makers who share the same vision and are not afraid of change.

If you are determined to go with the change, our team can manage the following tasks for you:

  • Analysis of changes in the economic market
  • Strategic initiatives or partnerships
  • Negotiations, networking, and lobbying
  • Forecasts for future trends and developments
  • Development of new business strategies
  • Consulting for controlling and executive management
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The famous 4 P’s – Product, Price, Place and Promotion – have long since ceased to apply only to classic offline marketing measures. In today’s world the right internet presence is the core pillar of the entire business model.

Since the digital age has also increased the information possibilities, your marketing concept should adapt accordingly and include new channels.

We can help you to use the following channels for your advantage:

  • Growth Marketing ( main focus on social selling, user acquisition through automated processes )
  • Design and development of a new website
  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising
  • Paid search advertising
  • Creating blog posts, e-books, white papers, infographics
  • Set up and support of all social media channels
  • Email marketing

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