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What We Offer

We develop relations, build communities, and launch new identities.

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Digital Art Space

BlockExpo is a full service agency onboarding analogue artists on the blockchain.
With a focus on non fungible token, we support artists and gallerists who plan to take their first steps into the digital art world.
We develop concepts, create NFTs and help to implement the individual requirements of the artist in a targeted manner.

• Onboarding into the world of digital blockchain art, deeper understanding of the market, requirements, opportunities, threats
• Joint concept, organisation & realisation of NFTs
• Platform preparation and coordination of contracts
• Control and communication of drops
• After care management

Blockchain as a Service

We look forward to working with you to develop a suitable strategy for how you can use the blockchain for your business model.
From consulting to concrete implementation, we are at your side as a full service blockchain agency.
Our service is individual and can be adapted to your needs at any time. Contact us for a free initial consultation and participate in the digital revolution.

• Analysis of changes in the crypto market
• Custom coin solutions for individuals and enterprises
• Forecasts for future trends and developments
• Development of new business strategies
• Trading basics
• Hard and software blockchain consultation

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NFT Ecosystem

We launch our own NFT collections and partner with strong ecosystem partners (e.g. blockchains, crypto marketplaces) to create impactful NFT strategies with:

• High-quality artwork & creatives
• Genuine utility for NFT holders
• Smart contract functionalities targeted to your needs

Partnerships Built

Campaigns Launched

Let's talk!
Custom Blockchain Solutions, Hard & Software Consultation, Coin & Token creation, Public Relation & Marketing in the Blockchain Sphere.

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